Nome Brewing Company

In the heart of Alaska's wilderness lies the quaint town of Nome, where brewing mastery meets whimsical charm. Legend has it that deep within the tundra surrounding Nome, a colony of gnomes found solace and companionship. Inspired by their industrious nature and mischievous spirit, the Nome Brewing Company was born.

The brewery's logo pays homage to these elusive creatures, featuring a group of gnomes gathered around a couple of bevvies, brewing their magical elixirs. Gnomes represent a different aspect of Nome's rich history and culture, from the rugged gold miner to the seasoned hunter.

As the brewery flourished, so did the legend of the Nome gnomes. It is said that those who wear the brewery's hoodies are blessed with the same resilience and warmth as these mythical creatures, making them the perfect companion for any adventure in the Last Frontier and beyond.